June 17, 2021
A Guide to Convincing Old Tenants to Stay in Your Rental Property

Keep reading below to find out ways to maintain long-term tenants and acquire continuous income.

If you own a rental property, you know that one of your primary objectives is to maintain long-term tenants to continue providing you passive income without giving you a hard time. Rather than expect your occupants to change every few months, which requires you to go through the process of screening tenants all over again, you gain stable and consistent outcomes.

Keeping old tenants for a long time allows you to avoid the hassle of spending months getting to know your new renters, slowly building your relationship, and gaining each other’s trust. Fortunately, all it takes is knowing the right strategy to get occupants to stay for an extended period and working with a reliable property management specialist.

While it is still ultimately up to a tenant how long they wish to stay, you can convince them in your own ways without seeming like you’re forcing them to out of their free will. Keep reading below to find out ways to maintain long-term tenants and acquire continuous income.

Provide Competitive Pricing

One of the reasons that tenants will jump from one rental property to another is because they often discover a place that provides more affordable costs than your apartment building. Although you can offer the same amenities, if other rental properties can provide their units at lower rates, you’re more likely to lose your tenants to your competitors.

The only way to ensure your old occupants don’t start packing their bags and leaving you is to bring down your rental price by about two to three percent lower than similar apartment buildings. That way, you can meet a renter’s needs and convince them to stay with you even longer. 

Manage Your Property Well

First impressions often last, especially when your rental property is concerned. Before taking in an interested tenant, you should prepare your unit accordingly to attract your future renters that your space is perfect for quality and long-term living.

It isn’t enough to keep your property well-maintained only at the beginning. You have to constantly initiate ways to keep your place in superb condition throughout their tenancy.

Maintain Professional Behavior

It is not enough to accommodate your tenants only during the start of their rental period and at the end of it because you have to make sure you’ll be with them throughout. If you’re too busy with your other priorities, you can leave the responsibilities to a rental management company.

With their professionalism and capabilities to oversee a rental building, they can convince your tenants to trust them and reach out to them to address their needs. Property managers are reliable and will make sure to remain courteous and readily available to serve your tenants.

Provide a Clear Lease Agreement

Another reason that often convinces a tenant that it’s time to leave and let go of your rental property is due to the lease agreement and the changes it involves that they didn’t see coming. However, the modifications were included from the beginning of their tenancy, but they weren’t focused enough that they ended up overlooking them.

If you aren’t familiar with the terms and conditions of your rental property yourself, having a property management company by your side benefits both parties involved. Before a potential tenant signs the agreement, a property manager will explain the documents to make everything crystal clear.


It’s crucial to keep a good connection between you and your tenants, allowing you to look forward to more years having them around and occupying your rental units. If you wish to continue generating passive income while transacting with long-term tenants, it will help to hire an apartment management professional to work for you. They will guarantee to help you with providing competitive pricing, managing your property, maintaining professional behaviour, and providing a clear lease agreement from the beginning. 

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