Frequently asked questions


What does the management fee cover?

The management fee covers all the property’s account management, which will include tenant relations, rent collection, and reporting.


How do you collect rent?

We offer our tenants two methods. The suggested method is automatic withdrawal with a pre authorized debit form from the tenants account.


On which day will I receive my rent?

Rent is sent on or before the 8th of each month as long as the tenants have fully paid their rent


Do you hold the last months rent?

We do not hold the last months rent deposit after leasing the property. It will be sent to you


How does the leasing process work for new tenants if my tenants move-out?

Our leasing department will handle the tenant placement for you. This will include a series of background checks which includes receiving proof of employment, verifying their references, and completing a credit check.


What if my tenant doesn't pay rent on time (legal costs)?

We do our best to ensure all tenants pay in a timely manner. However, if the rent is late, the tenant will be provided with a legal notice (N4) requesting rent. After 14 days, an L1 is filed by the properties account manager


Are you, as my property manager, insured?

Not to worry, we are insured! As a homeowner, you still require to have homeowners insurance as well while we are managing your properties.


What if I decide to move back into the house?

If you would like to move back into your house, please give us two months notice and your account manager will send along the legal form to be signed


Is your maintenance team in-house?

Yes, we have an in-house team for general maintenance. Additionally, we have great contractors on call for work such as plumbing, electrical, etc.


Are my tenants required to have tenant insurance?

Yes, we require tenants to have insurance. If the tenants do not have insurance prior to being placed, we provide them with a company they are able to acquire it with our trusted provider

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