Rental Prices in Ontario- What Every Landlord Must Know

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If you’re a landlord in Ontario, there are many things that you should know. Renting involves a lot of rules and regulations; plus, every state has its own set of rules.
Reasons Why You Need a Relator to Market Your Rental

Fahel & Co Property Management

Finding an ideal tenant for your rental can be challenging and requires a lot of work.
The Basics of Marketing a Rental Property Business Online

Fahel & CO Property Management

The property management industry today is heavily reliant on the internet
How Landlords can Sustain their Business through COVID-19

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Nowadays, with everyone staying indoors due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many of the trappings of daily life have become upended. Businesses are adapting to a remote working environment, people have turned to online entertainment and messaging, and renters and landlords are struggling with payments.
4 Ways to Pick the Right Tenant For You- Our Landlord’s Guide to Easy Living


Tenant problems can often plague landlords, whether you’re renting a simple complex, apartment, and more. These are the tenants from hell you’d like to avoid on the first go as they leave trouble in their wake – from missing rent to damaging your property.
Your Guide to Buying Your First Residential Property


If you’re looking to buy your first rental property, the first thing you should remember is that it won’t be easy. You will have much to learn about residential properties, even if you’re already a property owner. Despite the challenges posed, good property management of your first residential property will make for a stable financial income. This specific investment is extremely beneficial, as you will be able to generate a passive source of income, as well as enjoy tax benefits brought about by depreciation.
What Makes a Good Property Management Contract


The contract that you sign with a property management company is vital. Don’t think for a second that the piece (or pieces) of paper is only for mere formality. Just like with all types of contracts, you need to ensure that your contract is of the best quality. Aside from reading the contract thoroughly, it’s essential to know what makes a good contract for property management.Confused? Read on to find out more on what makes a great property management contract:
4 Property Management Tips Every Ottawa Landlord Should Know


For most landlords in Ottawa, it’s no secret that dealing with stress is just as normal or integral to any daily routine as drinking coffee, answering inquiries, and collecting payments.
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