February 10, 2021
How to Keep Your Property & Tenants Safe Amid a Pandemic

Knowing the right steps to take to ensure the safety of your property, your staff, and your tenants are essential. In this article, we will share six tips to ensure maximum protection of your property! 

The global pandemic has made significant changes in daily life; it has forced many people to stay inside their homes and facilities to close down. If you manage a property, this will be a particularly challenging time, and you need to be prepared for what lies ahead. This is why knowing the right steps to take to ensure the safety of your property, your staff, and your tenants are essential. 

In this article, we will share six tips to ensure maximum protection of your property: 

1. Have an Action Plan

Having an action plan is essential, as this will serve as your guide to handle the situation well, especially if you have residents who are presenting symptoms. A solid plan will lead you in the steps that you need to take to ensure the safety of the property as well as the tenants. 

2. Close Access to Amenities

Closure of amenities, such as pools, gyms, playgrounds, and other amenity spaces, can help protect your residents and help promote social distancing. This is because doing so will encourage residents to stay safe at home by minimizing their time outdoors.

3. Disinfect the Common Areas

Common areas in the building, such as laundry rooms, must be disinfected regularly. Hallways and other areas in the property must also be disinfected to ensure that anyone who passes these areas to not come in contact with any viruses. 

4. Keep Your Team Informed

Ensure that all communication channels between you and your team are always open. For this reason, you need to create a preferred method to communicate needs, especially COVID-19 related ones, on a specific platform where you can easily access everything and ensure that everyone is up-to-date. 

Moreover, your maintenance staff must be prepared. Keep them informed about the status of the residents in the area and make sure that they are wearing the proper equipment since they are always working on the grounds. 

5. Keep Residents Informed

One of the best things you can do during this period is to keep your tenants in the loop of certain protocols that you’re implementing. Instead of sending emails, use SMS for mass texting so that the residents will receive them right away. Keeping them updated can help them cooperate better with your efforts, instead of them resisting due to late information. 

6. Restrict Walk-Ins & Service Providers

For the time being, it’s vital to restrict the number of visitors per resident in the building. Huge social gatherings should be discouraged, which is why it’s vital for property managers to ensure that this is being monitored properly.

The same applies to service providers, such as gardeners, phone and Internet technicians, HVAC services, and plumbing experts. Property managers must review contracts to ensure that the service will be done safely. Additionally, the manager should ensure that the service providers are safe to enter the building, such as making sure that they have the proper gear and follow safety protocols to minimize physical contact. 


The six tips mentioned are vital to helping you manage your property better during this global pandemic. Keep this mind because it is essential to have an action plan, especially if you have to deal with residents who present symptoms. Moreover, everybody in the property must be kept in the loop about all the latest updates to keep everyone safe and protected. 

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