June 9, 2020
The Basics of Marketing a Rental Property Business Online

The property management industry today is heavily reliant on the internet

The property management industry today is heavily reliant on the internet. If you’re a landlord who is just starting out, you will get most of your business from online; people go to social media or to third-party listing websites to find the best places to rent in their city.

Because of this, you must know at least the basics of how you can get more leads through this medium. You cannot rely on your persuasive skills here; at least, not in the first stages, where you’re trying to get people’s attention. Here are some things you should know about when listing your rental properties online.

1. Target local keywords

If you have a small real estate business chances are your properties are all in the same area. It makes sense, therefore, to think locally; look for the selling point of your property from the local point of view, and avoid marketing your business in broad strokes. Really get to the details of your listing; why is this property the best to rent in this neighborhood, or this district?

You should also register your business with Google My Business, so that when people search “rental properties (your city),” or similar keywords, you will be among the results. A GMB account is free and acts as a digital calling card. When people search for your business name, they will see your website, location, contact information, photos associated with your business, and more. Make your business relevant to your local community by having a GMB account.

2. Do social media marketing

The keyword with marketing rental property businesses is ‘community.’ You have to find groups of people who will gain value from interacting with your business. On social media, you can take advantage of people’s tendency to gather; find Facebook Groups that will let you post your properties; people moving into your city, or teenagers and twentysomethings looking for starter homes are groups you can target.

You can also make a social media account and a page for your business. Have someplace where people can see pictures of your listings, read reviews, and ask questions. Through a Facebook Page, you can make sponsored posts, which are boosted to reach wider audiences, or advertisements, which cast an even wider and more customizable net.

3. Build a business website

Give people a central reference for your properties’ pictures and information. Make an official website for your business; purchase a domain name and get a web designer to make you a website that is in line with your brand personality. Make sure that the pictures you use are professional-looking; don’t upload grainy, low-quality images of your listings, because this makes you look like an amateur and might drive people away.

If possible, add a video tour of your properties, or an interactive walk-through. Having an online payment integration won’t hurt either. Finally, make sure your page is mobile-friendly; you will kill people’s momentum in searching if they have to constantly zoom into your text and photos.


On the internet, your first impression will be made not through a handshake but your website or social media page. If you have a thought-out plan for your online presence, you will surely make a favorable mark in the minds of your prospects.

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