May 27, 2021
4 Tips for Writing Rental Listings That Attract Tenants

Your rental listings play a major role in helping you reach the kind of tenants you are looking for. To get started, here are some tips for writing effective rental listings:!

Last year, the rental market’s growth became stagnant then decreased due to the global pandemic. But now that vaccinations roll out, safety restrictions are adjusted to less strict guidelines, multiple business sectors open, and the rental market is expected to flourish again. Because of these recent developments, consider getting your listings ready to attract potential tenants.

Your rental listings play a major role in helping you reach the kind of tenants you are looking for. They are a crucial part of your marketing strategy, so they must be well-written and well-thought-out to convince people to reach out to you and be interested in your property. To get started, here are some tips for writing effective rental listings:

Identify your audience

The first step is to determine the kind of tenants your property attracts. Assess their demographics by answering questions like “How old are they?” or “Do they live with their families or alone as single professionals?” Other factors you also have to consider are their location, job type, and income

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you highlight your property’s right features and amenities and figure out where to post your listings. If your target audience is younger tenants who like the convenience of technology, they are likely to use mobile apps to search for a place to rent. On the other hand, older tenants prefer Facebook and Craigslist when finding rental properties.

Familiarize yourself with your properties

Managing multiple properties can be profitable, but writing listings for every one of them can be challenging. Review old listings or do a walkthrough of vacant properties so you can showcase the features and amenities that can attract potential tenants. If you have occupied units to be rented out soon, ask the current tenants to schedule a walkthrough.

Show, don’t tell

When you were a student, your English teachers may have told your class to “Show; don’t tell” when writing essays. This advice is also applicable to listings. It just means to be as descriptive as possible to show your audience how great your property is instead of merely telling them. 

For example, instead of saying, “This is a single-family home that suits young families,” try, “This is a 2,000-square-foot single-family home with a backyard, basement, and space for a home office or playroom.” In short, incorporate features that your audience may be looking for to get a glimpse of how they can enjoy living in your property.

Add high-quality photos

The photos you include can make or break your listings. Before taking pictures of your property, wait until it is empty and the whole unit has been professionally cleaned and repainted. Get rid of personal items, like family photos, diplomas, and memorabilia.

During the photo session, make sure to take pictures from different angles, use the best lighting and wide-angle lens, and never include people in your shots. Don’t use a fish-eye lens that distorts photos. Also, as much as possible, use a tripod to ensure you take extra-sharp images. 


Writing effective listings that set your property apart from others can be tricky, but now you can put your best foot forward by following the tips mentioned above. Meanwhile, if you need further assistance or have inquiries on attracting tenants for your vacant unit or property with an ending lease, partner with a rental property management company like ours.

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