April 22, 2021
Are You Working With a Good Property Management Company?

Investing in local real estate is one of the oldest methods for growing your wealth. This is why it’s necessary to hire property managers, contact us today!

Investing in local real estate is one of the oldest methods for growing your wealth. The value of land grows beyond having a place to live to an opportunity to maintain a thriving business. Unfortunately, most investors and property owners don’t have the time and luxury to personally attend to each property’s concerns. This is why it’s necessary to hire property managers.

Protecting your investments by choosing the right property managers

You will get an assurance on the ins and out of your properties’ condition by handling them yourself. Handling just one property, like a multi-family complex, will be simple to oversee. In contrast, owning real estate in different parts of the city will be impossible to effectively and consistently maintain.

Outsourcing work through a business partner is a practice that businesses of all sizes do, from family restaurants to expansive conglomerates. However, it can be risky to work with a collaborator that doesn’t exemplify good work practices. Since there are different qualities of service providers in the market, you need to be vigilant about choosing a property management company to manage your investments.

In this article, we’ll share three signs you’re working with a good property management company.

1. Consistent property maintenance

It’s vital to look at properties first as an objective investment. It’s a dwelling or location that needs regular maintenance, from water utilities to landscaping. Slacking off on the needs of your building or property can lead to long-term damage that will affect the marketability of your units. Additionally, any current tenants may opt to cancel their lease due to poor living conditions.

Although your chosen property manager won’t handle this themselves, they’ll be in charge of contacting the right professionals promptly. Because of this, you won’t have to take the burden of regularly coordinating with different service providers.

2. Effective rent collection methods

For property owners that have many rental units, the experience of collecting rent can range from simple routine to notoriously stressful. Having problematic tenants is one way to lose the steady revenue stream of having a rental property.

 It’s important to remember that property managers aren’t just maintaining their properties; They’re also keeping good relationships with their clients. An effective property manager will ensure that collecting your monthly rent doesn’t go through conflicts of interest.

3. Quality screening of tenants

The last thing you’ll need in your property is a potential liability. For example, accidentally allowing someone with a criminal record to rent your property can put your real estate at risk. This is why it’s important to screen your tenants properly before letting them move into your units.

One way to avoid inconsistent rent payments is by getting the right tenants for your property. Besides overseeing the maintenance of your property, a good property manager can properly screen your prospective tenant. Their screening process involves checking the background of tenants’ financial background and track record as tenants in previous locations.


Besides the tasks mentioned above, there's also plenty of tasks and paperwork to oversee when maintaining real estate. For this reason, you must never settle for low-quality services, especially on matters involving your prospective investments. Doing research to find the right property managers will pay off in the long term.

If you want to work with a credible rental management company in Ottawa, we can help. We work with over 300 Ottawa-based landlords that enjoy our unmatched services and quality care. Contact us today to receive a request call!